Ningbo GNL Elevator Spare Parts Co., Ltd.

Located in Ningbo City, China. Ningbo City is known as the home of the Elevator & Escalator spare parts in China. Ningbo is also an important port city located 220 kilometers (140 mi) south of Shanghai.

Why You Like Business With Ningbo GNL?

Ningbo GNL Elevator Spare Parts Co., Ltd. Started business with the great slogan “Connect with quality”, Ningbo GNL never compromise with the quality of the spare parts. Ningbo GNL co-operates with the OEM brand and supplies the best of best quality parts to the customer. Ningbo GNL also customized any requirement parts for the customer.

Why Ningbo GNL Is Special?

Every Ningbo GNL family members have a great history of experience in elevator spare parts industry. Each member waiting 24/7 for best customer service. Any inquiry /message/information, get reply within 24 hour. A big inventory insure the most regular parts in stock and ship out within 48 hour after receiving the payment.

Why Business with Ningbo GNL is safe?

There is lot of local small company who generally offer the low quality and less price but when any problem happens, they have no ability to give any backup/recover/ solve the problem. But Ningbo GNL Elevator Spare Parts Co., Ltd. Is the master label big invest company in Ningbo City. China, and have fully ability to recover any problem if there is…

Ningbo GNL Elevator Spare Parts Co., Ltd.

Connect With Quality!